Dental accountants for your business

As a dentist, keeping track of your accounts can add to your already stacked workload. Our specialised dental accountants will take your tax reporting off your hands and make sure everything is well-maintained.

Whether you’re a private practitioner, part of a large operation or an NHS-dedicated dentist, we can help. Even though the tax obligations may differ, our enthusiasm and service remain the same.

What we can offer

Let’s start with the basics. We can keep your practice tax-efficient through careful planning and financial management.

If you have to travel for work, you’ll incur a reasonable amount of expenses, not to mention the costs of protective equipment, training courses and everything else you need to carry out your work.

We’ll make sure that any and all eligible expenses are filed in your tax return, claiming these allowable costs and helping potentially bring down your tax bill.

From there, we can shift focus onto your business structure. If it would make more sense to incorporate your practice, we can discuss your options.

If you are an NHS dentist, we can offer insight into the best ways to handle your workplace pension. At the end of the day, you want to have an easy retirement after years of hard work.

Reaching your goals

Some dentists have ambitions to grow. If you do, we can offer you advice and guidance on the best ways to expand your practice. Careful business planning and financial forecasting can help you potentially find the funding you need to push your business to the next step.

To keep track of your finances, we’ll provide you with regular reports detailing your cashflow and expenditure. Remember: watch the pennies, and the pounds will grow.

Talk to us today

If you feel your business could benefit from the advice of an expert dentistry accountant, we’re at the other end of the phone. We won’t offer a temporary respite but an ongoing support network for you and your practice.

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Our tax experts will be happy to have an exploratory conversation, free of charge, so that you can discover for yourself what make Coveney Nicholls the intelligent choice for businesses and individuals in need of tax advice.