International Business Accounting

Helping you branch out

Running a company in the UK sometimes isn’t enough for the most ambitious entrepreneur. That’s why so many business people look abroad – to spread out internationally and where international business accounting become essential. 

Before doing so, though, there’s a lot of legwork that needs to be done, not just from a planning perspective but an accounting one too.

Once you expand outside of the country, you’ll have to deal with juggling multiple currencies, international tax and trade laws (especially since Brexit). That’s why our international accounting services could be the answer to all of your questions. Your business is our business, balance sheet and all.

We can be there every step of the way. From setting up abroad to helping implement the most tax-efficient structure for your new location, we’ll leave no stone unturned.

Our firm works closely with FY International – a Canada-based organisation with close links to the US and Europe. With multiple firms in accountancy and law, we can provide our international clients with a supportive network across the globe.

What does our international services package include?

Now you’ve decided to expand your business, you’ll need to create a strong plan to show how you’ll achieve this goal. Your multinational strategy will be the basis of your next steps and a reference point throughout your journey.

This will include your funding requirements, whether you’ll be merging with another company or undergoing an acquisition and how you’ll staff the new site. 

As an accounting firm with years of experience in international business, we can always give you tips and advice, helping you build a foundation for a smooth expansion.

Once the wheels are in motion, we’ll continue to provide support as your accountant.

International businesses and tax

We don’t just help businesses which expand abroad, but also the ones that decide to set up in the UK. It’s essential to understand your tax position in any country you decide to trade in, so with this in mind, an accountant can be your best friend.

International tax accountants can help you stay on the right track and keep up with your liabilities to the relevant government. From organising and filing tax returns, registering with Companies House and signing up for VAT – we’ll do it all for you. 

If there are ever any changes to international corporation tax measures, our international business accounting team will be on top of them and keep you compliant.

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