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We’ve been getting businesses in line with national and international auditing standards for decades. Whether you’re based in London, the UK or beyond, Coveney Nicholls’ high-quality corporate audit services are designed with you in mind. With experience auditing businesses from a wide range of industries across the globe, we know how to tailor our comprehensive services to your business – and with minimal disruption.

Our experience as corporate auditors in London

Since our first London office opened over 60 years ago, Coveney Nicholls has worked with a variety of businesses. Registered to take out audit work in the UK by ICAEW, our rigorous auditing method helps businesses of all shapes and sizes stay compliant with constantly shifting legislation.

Understanding your business is key to providing a top quality service. No two clients are alike, so we get to know your business inside and out before starting on your audit. Our focus on fostering excelling working relationships is what makes us stand out from the crowd, and enables us to adjust our services to fit your unique business needs.

We work with a diverse set of businesses across all of our accounting services, with a particular emphasis in the corporate, private and medical sectors. Our experts work with your needs in mind – so you know you’ll always be compliant with any sector-specific audit requirements when you work with us.

How our corporate audit service can benefit your business

While many business owners see auditing as a necessary evil, it can be so much more than that with Coveney Nicholls. Our rigorous corporate audit services won’t just help you meet auditing standards and laws – they’ll also provide you with valuable insight into your finances.

Our corporate audit services will:

  • Ensure you are fully compliant with auditing requirements
  • Produce and issue a comprehensive audit report
  • Give you more control over your business
  • Provide you with a deeper insight into your finances
  • Examine your business’s financial performance
  • Help identify problem areas
  • Offer expert advice on how to improve your business performance.

Our services don’t end when the audit report is complete. From offering corporate tax planning services to giving you advice on corporate finance, we take what we learn from auditing your financial records to help your business thrive.
Let’s transform your business with the insight you need to succeed

With years of experience helping businesses comply with national and international auditing standards, we always put your needs first at Coveney Nicholls. Our expert auditors work with you to turn an unwanted audit into a useful tool for developing your business. Our comprehensive corporate audit services will give your business the deep analysis it needs, whether you’re based in London or beyond.

Get in touch with us today to find out how our experts can help you with your corporate audit.

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